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Jin, LA & KT-TUN
It really is a depressing sight that many have forgotten what it truly means to be fangirl or fanboy of someone or some group. It is very depressing to see people keep slamming Jin for his decision to go to LA for a solo concert instead of the World tour with the rest of KAT-TUN but who in their right mind would turn down an offer that could potentially make them big worldwide. I do not think it is selfish in the least bit, rather it is right for him to choose his own destiny, his own path. I am a Jin fan mainly but I also love KAT-TUN as a whole. As a KAT-TUN lover I wish each of the members success in what ever they choose to do and will always support them as a group or as individuals. Personally I do not like Kame or Koki, but KAT-TUN would not be KAT-TUN without them and since they are part of KAT-TUN I will support them just as I support Jin and the others. A true KAT-TUN fan should be supporting Jin's LA Concert & KT-TUN's World tour not one or the other but both, and what's more, he does have the support of the rest of the group. If Jin actually manages to make it big, it is an opportunity for KAT-TUN as a whole to make it bigger as well, so let's support them both instead of choosing sides!

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First, I want to say I only just discovered your blog. [do visit mine!]

I absolutely agree with you about Jin. I am a Takki fan, but I like Jin very much, and I like Kat-Tun as a group. I have been following with interest Jin's promising career. I find him very talented.

With Takki, there was a lot of flack when he went solo a couple of years ago. He is back to his unit presently, but I actually think he would do better to stay solo. Anyway, I am familiar with the way many react negatively when a individual dares to go out on his won rather than with his prior partner[s].

Hiya nice to meet you and yes I will check out your blog.

Yes Jin is incredible talented and I will always support him as well as KT-TUN. I can't wait for his single to be released even though I will be unable to buy it :(

I like Takki too and do agree that he is better of solo, I like all his solo singles much better than the ones as Tackey and Tsubasa.

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