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Exam Jinx!

The flu and studies just don’t go together. I have a quiz and an assignment due next week and am unfortunately down with the flu plus a nasty wheeze. It’s a personal jinx that is extremely difficult to get rid of! I tend to always fall sick when it comes to exam time, it has been like that since I was six and I am almost 20 now mind you, it is a 14 year old jinx. Happened during any time I had exams and man was it bad when I had to face major exams like O’Levels & A’Levels and semester finals. I’ve come to hate exam time not because of the workload but because that’s the time I know I’ll fall sick, and I am one of those who actually likes studying especially for exams but it gets kinda hard to do when one is sick. So here I am 19 going on 20 and still trying to find a way to get rid of this evil jinx!!


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