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My first ever fanfic of any Kind!
Okay here goes this is first ever fanfic, I know its super lame but still I actually did it, to me its unbelievable.

Here goes...


It was when KAT-TUN’s contract was just about to finish, I wondered whether I should actually renew my contract considering that I actually DON’T like being part of the group, can’t stand that rapper who’s always by my turtles side. It’s the turtle that still made me want to be part of KAT-TUN after all I really can’t bear to be away from him even though I know he will never know of, nor return my love or so I thought.


He was really pissed that I could actually leave KAT-TUN just 6 months after our debut to go to LA, he thinks I was a selfish prick to do so but he does not know that, that was the time I could no longer bear my feelings towards him and that I just had to get far away from him, and contrary to what most people think Johnny san is a very kind person and when I told him of my troubles he arranged this LA trip for me to gather myself. It took 6 months before I was finally able to face you again Kazu, and what did I come back to find that, idiot Koki always by your side touching you, it made my blood boil! Now dear fans you know the real reason why I looked like I did whenever I got together with all my band mates even though Tat chan, Junno and Yu kun tried to make my mood lighter. Tat chan is my best friend among the band mates and the only one who knew of feelings towards Kazu.


Contrary to what people think, Tat chan is actually a very outgoing person and is actually part of our group though it’s a secret after all he has to be since he’s also the hime of one of my absolute BFF’s Ryo chan.  Well enough of the back story now comes the interesting part, like I told you before I was getting ready to quit when....


*Flashback *


“Yo mina, you are all gonna renew your contracts right?” asks Kazu,


“Totally” says Koki.


“Yep, who else will put up with my gags otherwise” says a perky as ever Junno.


“I have to as the leader” say Tat chan, (yep contrary to what’s said in the media Tat chan still is our actual leader)


“I sure will my beat boxing is even better now” says Yu kun as he demonstrates his skills yet again


“Good, good” says my ever adorable Kazu and that’s when everyone realised I still had not answered and 5 heads swivelled around to me.


“ermm I guess so” I say even though I know inside that I am lying and that I will not be actually renewing my contract but I thought it’s better nobody knows that....yet.


Kazu’s eyes narrowed as he glared at me and said “you better not let us down again Akanishi”, damn I miss the good ol’ days when I was simply Jin to him. I just shrug in reply and pull my hoodie down further to cover my eyes.


“Okay time for practice, it’s going to get extremely hectic considering we are about to start on another record breaking 10 consecutive Tokyo Dome concert” says Tat chan.


And everyone starts practice, we all wrote new solo songs, my ones a depressing love ballad considering I wrote it thinking about Kazu. As I practiced singing while dancing I started getting really depressed and I needed to get rid of the burden so I took a break, got a room all to myself, whipped out my cell, and called Pi. After about 10 seconds he finally picked the call.

“Yo Jin, what’s up?” he asks


“Pi, I am thinking of not renewing my contract and going back to LA” I say.


“What????” yells Pi.


“What???” yells another voice, that makes me whip around to see Kazuya staring at me, I watch as tears gather at his eyes.


“I’ll get back to you later Pi” I say as I disconnect the call.


“I can’t believe you are going to this to us, to me again” says Kazu as tears start pouring down his face, “don’t you get it you Bakanishi, I don’t want to be apart from you anymore, I love you BAKA!!” he says he runs out from the room, while I stand motionless, shocked beyond my dreams, and then it finally sinks into me, he loves me, he actually loves me, just like I love him.


I quickly dash after him, I go to the practice room but he’s not there, “Guys have you seen Kazu??” I ask breathlessly, Tat chan seemed to grasp the situation quite quickly with one glance at me. “He’s supposedly not feeling well, so he’s headed home” Tat chan tells me. “Thanks Tat chan, I owe you one” I reply as I grab my keys just in case I miss him and need to drive myself to his place.


“Oi where do you think you are going?” yells Koki, but I just ignore him. I hear Yu kun say “let him go”


“Tat chan what do you mean by Kame being “supposedly” ill?” asks the clueless Junno, the last thing I heard as I rushed to my Kazu.


Just when I thought I had missed him, I spotted his brown head, “Kazu matte” I yell, and he stops but does not turn back. I run to him, stop just behind him and turn him towards me, but am a little too breathless from all the running to say anything just yet, I can still see the traces of his tears. “I love you too Kazu, that’s why I went to LA, that’s why I wanted to leave again” I say as I get my breath back. “I thought you would never love me back, that you’d only ever see me as a Best friend and I couldn’t take it anymore”.


Kazu’s face breaks out with a radiant smile as he say “You really are a Bakanishi aren’t you, but still you are my bakanishi” he says as he wraps his arms around me, I hug him back like I’ll never let go. We attack each other’s lips like it’s going to be our last meal but we both know it’s just the beginning.


*Present time*


It’s been 3 years now since our story began, we had our ups and down of course but it has been a mostly blissful three years, my song writing became even better since I now had an amazing person by me as a source of inspiration. KAT-TUN is still going strong. Tat chan, Ryo chan and Pi are extremely happy that I finally got my happy ending. T-TN were shocked when we came out, Johnny San was not he gave us his approval so long as we were discrete and did not get the tabloids suspicious which we have so far been able to do thanks to the support of our friends. KAT-TUN is now a group I enjoy being with, since Koki now knows to keep his hands to himself hehe.


The End

Constructive criticism is welcome as is any other comments. Please no bashing though.


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i like it, it was sad but sweet

ooh my first comment, thanks for taking the time to read and comment :)

so sweet
but the last sentence is win
jealous and possesive jin as always
thanks for the fic

You are welcome, and thanks for the comment, yep a Possessive Jin is love :)

It's really good for being your first fic, ne~~ So cookies for you...

I'm not an excellent writter or anything like that, so the only advice I can give you to get better and better in this is to keep writing as much as you can... Keep sharing your stories and you'll get better and better everytime ^^

Thanks again for sharing.... Chuu~~ and huggies ^^

You are welcome, and thanks for the positive feedback, I'll try to keep on writing :) hugs to you too and thanks for the cookies they are yum!

So nice!! Thanks for sharing (^-^)b

Welcome and thanks for the comment :)

practice makes perfect and your of to a good start by posting so others can comment and share their point of view on your fic. i want too read more of your stories in the future

Thanks for the vote of confidence, I hope I'll be able to write more as well :)

if you do and become amaziling good then im gonna brag and say i read your first story ;D

Wow!! You're good and this is your first time! My first fic was just a bunch of crap. I loved this. I will look forward to your future fics!!!

P.S. I don't know your name yet...^^

Thanks :) I think all authors think of their worst work as crap, even I think of this piece as crap though I really am glad peeps liked it.

My name is Ayesha, you can call me Ash :)

oopsy I mean first not worst :(

well...a lot says it was i'll just leave it at that...anyways...why don't you post this on the comms? you can get a lot more advice on how to improve your writing style...hajimemashite ash-chan! i'm mikha!

I did post it in one community, the kattun_fanfics one. Nice meeting you too Mikha :)

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